Mineral - Copper

Color - Orange

Sensitive to mental voices. They are successful at work. The person who enforces his thoughts. The ability to transform things with which they have a contact. Inexhaustible energy. Have healing powers. The ability to help peers. Has an intellectual personality. Very mysterious. One can easily adapt to the environment. Who wants to give authority to their children. The power to change themselves. Loving to have secret love affairs. Very charming. A different personality! The totem of the people born in this period is the snake in the animal world, the thistle in the plant realm, and the copper and malachite in the mines. Its lucky color is orange. Since humans began to process copper, it has been used to make various tools and ornaments. In ancient times, copper was believed to purify the human soul and blood. Malachite, the ornamental stone of snakes, was known as a stone with special powers and helping people hear spiritual sounds. Malachite was said to increase the power to absorb all kinds of energies, especially psychic energy. Like copper, snake people can create change in their environment. Although he is not very compatible, he manages to put the situation he is in into the shape he wants. He has inexhaustible energy and countless thoughts on how to fix things. If the inner harmony is in place, the foundations of these thoughts and plans are quite solid and can be easily realized. Since people of this sign are often under the influence of high energy currents around them, if they purify themselves, they can also help solve other people's problems. With its healing power, it contributes to the purification of other people's bodies and souls. With his thirst for knowledge, he can convey the superior knowledge he has acquired in spiritual matters to his relatives and surroundings in a language that everyone can understand. The snake also has a special power like malachite. When the balance of power is in place, it is very sensitive to spiritual sounds, able to detect even the most subtle forms of energy. The totem of the snake sign in the plant world is the thistle. It is a plant that can be used both as food and as a medicinal herb. Thistle, which is a plant that grows in all kinds of environments, was used especially in brain diseases. The snake man, like his plant, can reach incredible heights and depths spiritually and emotionally. This feature helps him to develop and benefit from the potential talents and skills in him. Snake-man can learn from thistle to cling to the ground. Thus, it can correctly direct the current of energy flowing through it. The Snake man, who falls into inner discord, can also be the most thorny and stinging representative of his totem. In such situations, he becomes narrow-minded, overly critical, grumpy, jealous, deceitful, flamboyant, and can cause great pain even to those closest to him. The lucky color of this sign is orange. This color, the bright orange of the Setting Sun, is the symbol of a lively and enlightened person who can use the knowledge obtained by experiment or learning. The totem of the snake sign in the animal world is the snake. The snake is the oldest, most mysterious, most suspected, and most misunderstood member of the vertebrates. People of this sign, like their totem, tend to take on a mysterious air. It takes a lot of time for the snake person to open up to someone else, and even if he does, he still can't easily reveal his deep feelings. This person is misunderstood, and sometimes even undesirable, for his mysterious behavior and formidable barbed armor. The life energy flowing through his veins is so strong that it is very difficult to notice his deep personality from the outside. Like his totem, this person has some senses that help him grasp the truth of the people and events around him. The Snake man, who has very sharp eyes, can read both his own and other people's souls with these eyes. However, when he is restless and his energy flow is disturbed, he cannot use any of these abilities. The zodiac signs that snake people get along best with are Puma and Woodpecker. He also gets along very well with Wild Goose and Brown Bear people. It has a perfect integration with the beaver.