Mineral - Turquoise

Color - Green

They are fond of their personal lives and their respective areas. Romantic, but doesn't show feelings. Tough, confident, and careful. Spirit hunter. Fond of home. A strong sense of loneliness. High feelings. Sharp-witted. Unimaginable day-dreamer. Who makes fight and quick when in a difficult position. They love with all their heart whom they found confident. The elusive, mysterious. Strong feelings. Tend to hold feelings under pressure. See the things, that others can not see. Romantic.  The totem of the people who were born in this period is puma in the animal world, the totem in the plant world is plantain, and the totem in the mineral world is turquoise. Its lucky colors are turquoise, blue-green. It is said that many mysterious powers are hidden in turquoise, one of the oldest ornamental stones. It was believed that this stone got the color of the sky from this stone. They also believed that people carrying turquoise were protected. The cougar man, like his stone, has many extraordinary powers. The natural healing power of this person is very developed. With their help, various mysteries of life and the universe can be solved. Just like turquoise, Cougar people are connected to the sky. In many areas of life, he can see things that other people can't. But in order to capture the truthfully, it must be well processed like turquoise. If he does not have a firm will to cultivate and cultivate himself with the necessary life experience, his natural strength will turn against him. Puma's totem in the plant kingdom is plantain. Plantain is a panacea plant with many varieties. It is similar to the Puma man with its medicinal side. But the plantain must be used carefully and processed well like the spirit of the Puma man. It is especially good for the problems that Puma suffers from the feet. The lucky color of this zodiac sign is turquoise, which is the color of turquoise stone. It is the color of a person who is in search, strong in emotions, struggling with himself, and prone to melancholy. A spotless pure blue is the symbol of disinterested, artistic, and spiritual feelings. The mix of blue and green is necessary for the Puma man to balance the soul and the personality, the earth, and the sky. If the cougar does not forget that it should blend with blue as well as green, it can learn to maintain its joy and regain its physical and spiritual peace when it loses the necessary balance. The totem of people born in this period is the cougar in the animal world. The cougar is the best climber among the felines. It usually builds its nest in rocky areas, deep cavities, or thick bushes. The cougar has a high-pitched and high voice. Ender screams, but his voice is also frightening. Puma, which is a very good hunter, feeds on meat. When it can't find prey, it makes do with smaller animals. Sometimes it sits all day or all night perching on a tree or rock, waiting until it has prey in its claws. When cougars mate, usually the females take the active role. People with a totem puma have many characteristics similar to this noble animal. Cougar people, too, often feel that they can't get along with their surroundings, and retreat to the heights of their own world of thought and spirit. He is very emotional, he can be hurt even by small things. Just like the cougar, the cougar needs a refuge where they can withdraw into themselves and reflect on themselves and the world. A good climber like the cougar, this person wants to move towards the heights of the human spirit. Like the Cougar, the person of this sign tends to set their own space and shut it out, whether it's part of their personal life or involving work and friendships. Puma is extremely reticent, especially when it comes to her own personal feelings. When he feels good, the people around him like his conversation very much, but during these conversations, he does not give any clue about his real self until he trusts the other person well. Being able to sense the thoughts of others, he quickly grasps the subjects that other people like or is interested in, and expresses his views and thoughts on these subjects with a pleasant expression in order to help them. The Puma sign integrates best with the Brown Bear person. It also gets along well with Woodpeckers and Snakes. Beaver and Wild Goose individuals are among the other signs he gets along well with.