Mineral - Gröna Iron

Color - Red

Loves to have noble, glorious plans. Keeps real senses secret. Never forget the pain and the suffering that came from others. Loves to provide romantic solutions to others. Very strong leadership abilities. Loves freedom. Sometimes proud. Very clever, active, and lively. Conservative towards his/her children. Source of inexhaustible strength and emotional depth. With a very strong defense shield. Having curiosity of reading. Just, good-willed patron. Soft and fragile heart under the arrogant manners. Never show his/her sorrow, grief, and pain. Ability to analyze the psychological and physical difficulties very easily. Creating strong influences over people. Prone to unexpected, incalculable nerve problems. Sensible people with a good heart! The totem of the people born in this period is the sturgeon in the animal world, the totem in the plant world is raspberry, and the totem in the mineral world is iron and gröna. Its lucky color is red. Gröna, a hard red stone, has been used as a precious ornamental stone for years. Grona is believed to be associated with the heart and blood. In the past, it was believed that carrying an amulet made of gröna particles was good for heart ailments. The second totem of the Sturgeon in the mining realm is iron. Iron is a mineral that carries humanity to the age of technology and provides benefits in many different fields. Iron is an inevitable element in daily life. The sturgeon man can be as diverse and diverse as the metal, but they have some common features that are easily noticed. This person draws attention as a good-hearted, sensitive person like Gröna. If he listens to the good and friendly feelings he carries in his heart, he becomes a balanced and happy person. He is intuitive and sharp-sighted, as long as it follows the voice of his heart. He can see ahead and intuit, which is sometimes evident, sometimes secretly. With this ability, he can foresee the dangers that await him and his friends. The person of the sturgeon zodiac sign speaks such words with his keen vision and perceptive ability that what he says goes deep into the heart of his friends or enemies. The person of this sign can be a good friend as well as a feared enemy. If his inner balance is not in place, he must be wary of his strength. This power can appear unexpectedly, and with its explosions, it can hurt anyone. This man has a certain hardness that comes from his iron totem, but also a tendency to become hardened by the experiences he has gained in life. For this reason, it strengthens his relationships with his heart and blood. It causes him to create leaps and bounds from time to time in the people and jobs he encounters. The totem of the sturgeon in the plant world is the strawberry raspberry. Raspberry, which cures many diseases, is a very pleasant fruit with its flavor, color, and shape. Sturgeon's ability to stand out in the community and to be a loved one is further strengthened by the effect of the plant totem. Other people want to get closer because of the cheerful and pleasant atmosphere they see in him, but the person of this sign may not always be what they seem. The impressions that the sturgeon spreads to the environment are different, hidden under its outer appearance. The totem of this sign in the animal kingdom is the long-lived sturgeon. This fish is a creature that wants to dominate the area it is in and can live in fresh and salt waters. The sturgeon man also wants to dominate in every area he is in. He achieves this without difficulty with his natural strength. It is as if he was born as a leader, and as long as his energy flows regularly, he can be a fair-minded, well-intentioned manager. With his intuition and ability to see ahead, he does his best to grasp the problems of others in advance and solve them. manages to be in a superior position. As long as it is in harmony with life, there is an inexhaustible source of power and spiritual depth. However, it should not be forgotten that he also has a bad side that enjoys dominating other people. When the sturgeon man can maintain his mental health, he easily distances himself from such problems. The Sturgeon man can achieve perfect integration with those of the Otter sign. Other zodiac signs he gets along best with are Aladogan and Owls. On the other hand, his relations with Crow and Deer are open to development.