Mineral - Turqoise

Color - Turqoise

Very strong sixth sense. Likes to do good. Loves the nature. The kitchen is his/her area of ​​interest. As he loves to eat, also loves to prepare lunch for friends. Has more friends. Capricious. Smart and brave. Unlikely to be challenged. Prone to make wrong decisions in dangerous situations. Have the ability to put themselves in place of others. The ability to work in a dangerous undertaking as a result of excessive fearlessness. Continuously establishes new plans. Unstable when taking the first steps. Fonds of freedom.  The totem of people born in this period is the otter in the animal world, the totem in the plant world is poplar, and the totem in the metals is silver. Their lucky color is silver. People of this sign are people who are loved and respected by everyone, like their metals are silver. Silver is a mineral that can take any form, and that has been highly valued by people since ancient times with its softness, shine, and beauty. Otter people, like metal totems, are individuals who are admired, respected, and loved by their relatives and friends. Just like silver, they have a soft nature and a structure that easily adapts to any situation. People of this sign carry a sparkle that comes from their love for people, and whatever their physical structure is, this sparkle gives them beauty. The Otter is also said to have mysterious abilities. His intuition is very strong and he wants to find and reveal the truths that can glorify people under his outer appearance. The Otter man, who can use his energy well, will hear spiritual forces flowing through him. This person, who has a mysterious relationship with the moon, has a deep inner world. But he usually tries to hide it. His emotions are very intense, but he does not want to make those around him feel it. Some Otter people like to cover up their emotionality with their intellectual side. People of this sign also use their deep sensuality to enter into numerous love affairs. With the help of the intensity of her emotions and her attractive personality, she is capable of easily attracting the opposite sex. The totem of the Otter sign in the plant kingdom is the string poplar, also known as the poplar. When a gentle summer wind blows through the leaves of the poplar, it sounds like little rattles. Otter people can also learn to spread the soft and harmonious warnings that come to them from the poplar with a light and sweet melody just like the leaves of the poplar. The totem also teaches you to withstand all winds and to flex without breaking in any conditions, whether the wind is low or high. So the Otter man is quite flexible. He also maintains this feature in order to ensure that his energy always flows in a positive and regular way. Otters are cute, humane, and friendly creatures that live in the sea and freshwater. Otters, who live a common life, are very fond of their children, can establish a family order, have a very appetite, and can make many sounds. People of this sign are also loved and sought-after life companions, like otters. They are also smart, flexible, helpful, and good-hearted like their totems. . They have exceptional speaking abilities and are very adept at explaining thoughts and using words, as in other areas. The otter human is similar to the otter in many other ways. It has adopted helping other people to progress in life and to reach a respectable position. His strong intuition and humanitarian feelings cause him to spend most of his time helping other people. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them too. Although the person of this sign is soft, affectionate, and docile, if he thinks that the other person needs a "blow" in order to find the right path, he will not hesitate to strike the blow in order to achieve this. As long as the energy flow is smooth, he will never act harshly, just for the sake of evil. It is rare to find the Otter man who seeks personal vengeance. Otter people get along very well with almost everyone and adapt. In particular, it can easily integrate with Sturgeon individuals. He also establishes a very comfortable relationship with Deer and Crow. Hawk and Owl people are also among the people with whom he can establish positive associations.