Mineral - Obsidian

Color - Black

Often in conflict. Taking risky steps throughout their lives. Managed very well to reveal the truth from foreign influences. Soft but strong structure. Which has an antiseptic effect on the environment. It has a very strong sense of justice. Maintaining powerful instincts. Capable of easily solving mental puzzles. Able to climb higher. Having strong instincts. Sometimes maybe warm-hearted, loving one. Sometimes too bold. Quick learner. Owl is the totem of the people born in the winter period in the animal world, the totem in the plant world is larch, and the totem in the mining world is obsidian stone. Its lucky color is black. Obsidian, also known as volcanic glass, was used extensively in ornaments. Since the basic substance of obsidian lies in the bosom of the earth, it was believed that this stone carried a power that connects people to the earth's energy, and taught them to respect and benefit from this power. The owl man is a person with a bright and transparent structure like his stone. If he has developed and trained his basic features well, he gains a glow that covers his whole being. The people around him may show his inner world, but he does this to the extent he wants. Owl sign, like stone, has difficulty in getting used to a new job, a new situation, but shows determination after getting used to it. He can also walk on a knife-edge throughout his life, as he constantly carries a duality within him. If the inner world of the owl man has become clear, he becomes a mirror, a reflector for his surroundings. When it reaches such a point, it reflects the mental state of the other person and helps him/her solve his/her problems. The totem of this sign in the plant world is larch. Larch shoots are used as food, while the tree itself is very useful, especially for diseases of the respiratory system. If the owl man uses and balances the opportunities and data given to him, he can learn from larch that he can be as magnificent as larch. It is soft but strong, like the human tree. This inner strength comes from being able to always turn to the right path and directing others to what is beneficial for them. Owl man, with his innate sense of justice, opposes injustices he sees in every situation. With his strong instincts, he can read the hearts of others and help them untie their spiritual knots. The auspicious color of this sign is the black of the night that covers the earth. The night is the time when forms are erased and the active life of the day is replaced by thought. The black of the night is the black that can regenerate everything, hide and cover everything. Thanks to this black, Owl can direct his life by bringing the information from the depths of his instincts and being to the surface. The Owl's totem in the animal world is the Arctic Owl, a nocturnal hunter living in North America and the Arctic. Polar Owls live in the arctic and forests. Owl man also creates a noble impression, just like his totem. He has a proud and upright stance, and if his balance is in place, he has an aura that evokes respect and love. Since he is introverted, able to absorb what he reads, hears, experiences, he is usually like a good teacher whose outward appearance influences his students. By taking advantage of this attractiveness, the owl man first connects people to himself and then transfers his knowledge to them with great generosity. Owl has a strong sense of justice, both in theory and in practice, and does not tolerate anything unfair to him. When faced with injustice, it tries to overcome the injustice by announcing it loudly. This call is usually for the good of all. Although the owl man can get under the control of someone else when he deems it necessary, he has a very strong sense of independence. Sometimes, by turning to his thoughts, he almost cuts his ties with his surroundings. Because he likes to hide the depths of his being, he may avoid forming close relationships that require him to open up. Owl people are in great harmony with Hawk and Sturgeon individuals. They can relate well with Otter and Crow too. Owl experiences a magnificent integration with Deer.