Mineral - Agate

Color - White

Very slick and smart. Conservation instinct is very developed. Who loves everything beautiful. With the emphasis on physical appearance in relationships. Artistic personality. Interested in new ideas. Likes new tastes, likes to see new places. A laugh machine who loves to laugh. A loving mother and father. Who can create such beauty in the slightest work? Should be in a permanent relationship. Sense of happiness and gives importance to joy. Adventurer. The totem of the people who were born in this period is deer in the animal world, the yarrow flower in the plant world, and the mossy agate in the metal world. Auspicious colors are white and green. Mossy agate was used as a pendulum in physical health checks. This stone also has a healing property. It was believed that since the stone had a subtle plant image, it united the mineral and plant worlds, and those who carried it would better grasp both realms. If the deer learns to use and develop the human, it has healing powers like its stone. If the person of this totem is willing to work hard, he can show extraordinary skill in any field. Like its stone, it has an effect that caresses the eyes and hearts of the people around it. He wants everything around him to be beautiful. The people of this totem can establish a spiritual connection with the plant and mineral world, like their stones. He has an affinity for both mines and plants and can combine symbols appropriately. The yarrow, which is the plant totem of the deer sign, is a beautiful-looking, useful, very useful, and productive plant. This herb is awesome for fatigue and indigestion and also strengthens the nerves. This plant, which can also be used as a diuretic, is the cure for countless ailments. People of the Deer sign are also versatile, useful people like yarrow, and they want to spread joy and beauty to the world they live in. It easily adapts to versatile and active working tempos. They often have empowering and supportive energy around them. He easily attracts people and tries to help them when they are together. He tries to find solutions for everyone with his honest, sincere, and comprehensive knowledge. Deer are true human friends and will go to great lengths to console and encourage their friends, no matter how big the problem. The color of the deer man is white and green. White is the color of emptiness and unformed things that are open to every possibility and change. Just like the white, the Deer man has countless potentials within him. Green, on the other hand, expresses the healing and renewal of nature. This green can sometimes be an expression of smugness and always wanting to be right. The animal totem of people born in this period is the deer. Deer live in herds or small groups, except during the mating season. During the mating period, males move on their own. Instead of forming a harem, they travel from female to female and take care to protect the female they are with at the time. Sometimes they get into tough fights for this reason. Like his totem, the deer man is sensitive, attractive, active, and alert. With his innate intuition, he easily understands the feelings of the people around him. Since his inner world is very changeable, he has previously experienced and experienced the emotional turmoil of others. For this reason, he sometimes has difficulty concentrating while listening to people, because his thoughts start to jump from place to place with what is being said and he cannot help but say what is on his mind. Members of the Deer sign want their surroundings to be filled with beauty at all times. It is important to be in places with beautiful views and to have a good and comfortable home. However, they are emotional and intuitive enough to know that beauty is not only in appearance but also in essence. Because he is an intelligent, inquisitive, and creative person, he can create great beauty from everyday, ordinary things, both physically and spiritually. People of this zodiac sign can easily get along with people from all zodiac signs. Crow, Otter, Hawk, and Sturgeon individuals take the lead among the people with whom they have the best communication and relationship. With owl individuals, it has a perfect integration.