She has a refined silhouette, she's beautiful and decorative. She can highlight her merits. She loves home, precious things, handsome interior. Oftenly, that sweet home, without which she could not grow up, is made by herself. They say that she knows what she wants, but she does not let to bear her upon will of waves of life, she's not enough of those things that life gives her by herself. She has nothing obedient, she can plan and subordinate the conditions to her needs. Being courageous she meets the resistance with the head up high and does not let bad luck to overcome her. Thanks to boldness and ability to risk she always goes ahead. In work she can have success independent of the kind of activity that she choose. A Pine is distinguished by a stubborness with which she goes on her selected way. She can get out of any difficult situation. She's very fast and accuratein actions. Notwithstanding her affability and ability to be a nice friend, she has no excessive generosity. Her prosperity and comfort are first of all. The bad luck of others does not drive out a sleep of her eyes, even though it may happen that she will mention such others sympathetically in friend talk. She may show weakness only in one thing - in love. She's sensitive and impulsive - she may easily become enamoured of somebody, and after that it is too late already to think. With all this she has a penetrating mind and regulated thinking, she may be a good organizer. She may take all efforts to reach a desired objective, and, as a rule, she reaches it. She may get out of any troubles, even related to love affairs, with honour. A sign of a Pine is highly propitious for women. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Pine: aesthetic mind, talent for organization, disposition to analysis.