He's oftenly weak, unattractive. He does not put his own "I" onto others' opinion. But if you meet Hazel closer, you will undoubtly yield to his charm, and you'll know his original mind. Hazel is satisfied with a little, he adapts to any possible life conditions and understands everything. His exterior makes almost magical impression. If he wants he can make you like him. He can be kind, wise, patient, but also he can be dangerous, angry, harmful. Everything in him is a magic - is it white or black, it depends on his actual mood or caprice. Fully kind or keenly angry - it's a Hazel, and not without a reason people born under this sign were oftenly accused of withcraft in the Middle Ages. Liking somebody, he'll do anything to make that person's life easier. But be careful if you have no his liking. Notwithstanding his modesty and restraint, he never comes unattended. He's very original, not like others, he treats life differently. He's able to guess the most secret thoughts, to make unexpected proposals. He's quite unbalanced, may be very initiative, but also may leave everything alone and flow with a stream. He knows of it, even if he tries to make an impression of a very thrifty person. In love he may be as the most loved, so as the most excruciating partner. He's subject to fast changes in mood. Take care of him, if you're not afraid of risk. Even if combined life to him will not bring peace, it will be quite gripping. He has various knowledges, he studies very quick and easy. But it only depends on his good will, if he will apply his knowledges fully and with benefit. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Hazel: synthesis, intuition, fantasy.