He's branchy, powerful and though not too shapely, he has a look of solid and beautiful plant. He easily adapts to any condition. He also wishes for comfort, but if needed he can sleep out of doors. He has a good health. Everywhere he feels like at home and he knows nothing of shyness. He's dynamic, confident, he makes people to consider himself, at the same time he's very sensitive about jokes regarding to him and he does not understand it. He likes to stagger, to take people unawares, to be a center of general attention, and he's ready for anything to reach it. He thinks that he shall make decisions and say a final word. He brilliantly solves the most difficult questions. He knows no fear, he's improvident and has a gift to get involved into various unforeseen situations. Luckily, he's an incorrigible optimist, which oftenly leads to careless actions as in business so as in personal life. He has a nature inclined to excesses. By all his visible independence, he's disposed to yield to others' influence. Directed by an experienced hand, he may be a weapon of others' will. He gives his body and soul to his business, which he choosed by himself, so among the Hackberries there are a lot of heroes so as a lot of martyrs. Subject to others' influence, he also has the ability to affect on others. He's quite persistent and is one of those who are always right. He's sensitive, receptive and sentimental - he may become attached forever and he will take this love as a supreme. Anything else he will take as a nice and not too important way to pass the time. He's intelligent and has ability for synthesized perception of problems. The speed of his thoughts and decisions is amazing. Frequently he has artistic features, mainly in music. In any case, he has a good sense of rhythm. Born for adventures he usually has a mobile and varied labour life. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Hackberry: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligence, ability to deduction.