A naturality in his eyes is not a merit. He cares of style, delicate and refined manner, and indeed he is simply timid. Walnut oftenly consists of contradictions, he may be capricious, aggressive, egoistic. But at the same time he is hospitable, courteous. He may be as loyal and reliable so as inconstant. You never know what will he do in one or another case and how should you appeal to him. With no grounds he may favour you with or deprive you of his friendship and love. Sometimes he loves to suffer and he with pleasure makes others to suffer. Being racked with the need in showing his exclusiveness, jealous and affable, Walnut can not boast of steadiness. If you love him or have a friendship to him, you will constantly be a subject to suddenness. Devote attention to him if you feel that you can resist his influence, otherwise he will fully bend you to his will. In life he can be a great strategist. He estimates well the consequences of his intentions, he decides to take quite insidious actions, he does not let excessive remorse to hold him. He frequently subjugate others with his speed of action. However, there are also demure Walnuts. He strives for his life to be not ordinary. He fears no risk, does not strive to please, does not acknowledge compromisses, does not go on beaten tracks. Walnut may have many friends, so as many enemies. He thinks that in life you may count upon yourself only. He cares for his independence. Sometimes he may be a person that you can not ignore and have to consider him. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Walnut: decisiveness, observation, talent of organization.