Chestnut is very beautiful, if not decorative, but he does not try to subdue others with his attractiveness. He needs a space, he's full of liveliness and power. He has an innate sense of justice, any violation will be for him a cause for involuntary objection. He's ready to fight for his rightness by any measures, regardless of consequences. He does not like the thrift, any tactical and diplomatical tricks, and this frequently sets people against him. Lack of pliancy in communication to others leads to changing of many occupations and to many disappointments, which he remember for long, due to his susceptivity and sensibility. Notwithstanding his persistence and self-possession, he is never obstinate. He may be circumspect and prudent, and thanks to this he usually has no material problems. He attaches a great importance to a rules of morality and is inclined to puritanism, though he is certainly sensitive. He is surprisingly striving for comfort of living. Sometimes he makes an impression of a human unadapted to life, but it is only a result of hostility and absence of trust to himself and to others. Chestnut is very intractable to find a mutual understanding and oftenly has a fame of unscrupulous man. Possibly it is related to his passion for shocking others. He demands for much of love, but he by himself can truly love only once a life, that's why it's hard for him to find his happiness. The need in love and simultaneus fear of unanswered love make his relations to partner to be very difficult. His complexes lead to provocative behavoiur and are oftenly incomprehensible for others. His mental life is alive and specific, based on observation. He is gifted, fast and accurate, but is inclined to dreamings and philosophical thoughts. In his life there are many things depending on environment. He'll get a full development of his abilities only then, when he find a sympathy and understanding of his relatives. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Chestnut: courage, realism, observation and insight, talent of organization.