She's not big, sometimes she's on a border of a beauty and uglyness, but she has her own charm. She is oftenly bothered with rheumatism, that's why she likes the sun and suffers when it's absent. She's calm and balanced, she has nothing aggressive in her and all this thanks to unwillingness to complicate her life. She assumes that others may have their own opinion too. She never meddles with other people's lives. The Olive is so much delicate that she may be easily accused in indifference, but indeed she's not indifferent. On the contrary, in case of need anybody may turn to her for help. In any situation she smiles. Partly this is because of ability to control herself, but at first because of consideration that it's foolish to derange her own nervous system. She has ability to give her calm mood and serenity to others. Though Olive is kind and sincere, she has enough of intellect and common sense to avoid exploitation of her kindness. She has an innate sense of justice. She understands everything, she can understand others' position and forget about herself due to impartiality characteristic of her. She knows about aboutit and is reconciled to it. That's why others do like and appreciate her, even though she does nothing to make an impression onto others. She's restrained in communication. In love Olive tries not to be jealous, respects a partner's independence, even if she has to suffer silently because of it. Sometimes it happens that she makes a far going compromises up to renunciation of her own love. But it does not mean her weakness and obedience. Simply, the rest is a most important thing for Olive. She may be noted with great intelligence, she spends a lot of time for thoughts, she likes to read, to learn and spread her range of interests. Even though she does not strive for it, she always attracts attention to herself and sometimes may become famous. She's one of those people, that bring rest and happiness to others, leaving a good memory after themself. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Olive: correct opinions, analytic mind, ability for deduction and reflection.