Her delicate appearance hides a firm nature. She's sweet and charming. She's almost always smiling, not because of internal cheerfulness, but of self- control. She may highlight her own merits, and likes to dress well. She has good taste. She quickly gets accustomed to changes in situation. She likes to give joy to people, even to the detriment of helself. She's not egoistic, but a little self-centered. She's independent, but sometimes lets others to get a half-nelson on her. A big responsibility makes her feel herself guilty for everything that happens (guilt complex). Contacts to her are hard and relationships are difficult. She has not enough of simplicity. She notable for a sensitivity to outer impressions, for her love to an excellence, for loyalty and affability. You always may rely upon her. Sometimes she may be naive and let others to exploit her. In love she may give a lot, but she also demands for the same. She constantly tries a feeling. You should not fraud or disappoint her, she will not forgive it. Rowan will not betray. Her personal life is very full. She's full of cares for tomorrow. She's prudent, oftenly makes you to think of marriage to her. She's very clever and oftenly is very effective. Sometimes it happens that she does not materialize some of her plans due to stucking in everyday affairs. Traits of those who were born under the sign of Rowan: mind sharpness, fantasy, synthesis, intuition, imagination.