He's accurate, well-tended, sometimes a little coquettish. He oftenly is there, where the most interesting things are. He looks after a fashion. He's not of a kind of ordinary persons. He's full of energy and cheerfulness, he's tireless. They say that Maple is always on top. He may be ranked as individualist. Though in his nature he's restrained and not bold, he can make the most risky decisions based mostly on life interests instead of material factor. He does not like to stay home too long, he gladly meets new people. He has a gift to draw people out. But you should not afraid to relate anything to him - he will never condemn others' actions and will not disclose others' secrets. He usually is full of plans, oftenly unusual and eccentric. He likes various novelties, protects new ideas, but he rarely implements his own projects. However, it not prevents him from having satisfaction with his wide horizons. He also has a bit of cynicism. He does not like and not afraid of public opinion. On the contrary, he likes when people speak about him. He's complicated in love. He goes on surprising and unforeseen ways. But it does not mean that he will not find happiness unless he meets a partner with the same thoughts and taste. He has a bright and penetrating mind. Notwithstanding his problems, he's not without imagination and intuition. In other words, it's a versatile nature.Traits of those who were born under the sign of Maple: lively personality, a sense of humour, ability for deduction, analytical mind.