Air signs handle the exchange of ideas and communication. These signs are the most intelligent and clever. Being interesting, mobile air signs are constantly hungry for new ideas. They are helpful, comprehensive, chatty, lively and slick types. With their lovelyness they can do whatever they want and with the skills are better able to cope with difficult situations. They are people who collect and disseminate information to the public. Air signs are the information processors of the zodiac. Amongst all zodiac signs these are the least romantic and most objective. They give more importance to honesty and truth. The Gemini is the most communicative who eagerly needs communication among the Air signs and a bit of a chatterbox. Developed reasoning ability. Follows analysis, synthesis and the information. Most Gemini individuals have the ability to write. Many Gemini wants to be a journalist or reporter. Gets great pleasure to be in active places like TV and newspaper newsrooms, airports, night clubs. As like its symbol - the scales Libra strives for balance and fairness. In justice system, many of the lawyers, the judge or the prosecutors are Libra. Libras can be found in the fields of fine arts too. Either way, it is very difficult to find a common point which is worthy of. Besides other air traits Aquarius has the unique ability to invent. Combining his intelligence with technology tries to raise the standard of living of all humanity. Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and friendship. Deals with science, technology and politics. Aquarius wants social changes for the better.