Water can be in many forms. Liquid, vapor, gas, or can be frozen. It can be as innocent as a small vesicle or as wild as a wave in the ocean. Although sensible water signs don't show their passion, inside very deeply felt passion storms blows them out. Calm water is deep. When they trying to understand a thing to solve the water signs became introvert and silent. Over time you will get to know and understand them. They show themselves slowly. Carefully try to maintain their deep and powerful feelings. When they felt in love, they became addicted to. They are emotional and very vulnerable. Their senses are very sharp and they understand what you mean from your gestures and mimics rather than your words. This feature has been developed much in Pisces. Water cleans and allows life to continue. The water is a universal solvent which adopts characteristics and solves materials. Explain your problem to one of the water signs, he/she will accept it as if it is his/her problem. They listen carefully to you, feel your feelings, give the best advice and can give spiritual support. They sometimes get tired with accepting troubles, sorrows of others as their sorrows and from continuous dedication. Therefore, they need to  left alone sometimes to recharge. Water group manages spirit. Water signs don't like limitation, they are very advanced and have very creative imagination. Inspired by other people they create painting, music, photography, literature and dance. They like activities associated with creation at small businesses, workshops or self work and take pleasure in their work. They can be very successful at the financial sector with their keen senses. Water signs are very successful in close relationships. Cancer show water features with their dedication and commitment  to family.They nourish, protect and enlarge their family. As a good nest builder the most important thing for Cancer is to share the love with his wife and children. Scorpio people are very interested with the sexual and money based relationships between people. Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house of astrology, in which birth, death and rebirth are represented. This house also represents other people's money. Scorpio's are adept in controlling the money of others. And they do not give a clue about their mysterious structures. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and took one feature from all signs that came before him. Therefore he/she agrees with all signs well. With predominant spiritiual values Pisces helps other people. Aquarius does something good for all humanity, whereas Pisces helps people one-on-one. They can sacrifice themselves for the sake of helping others. Pisces means sacrifice and there is nothing on earth to stop their sacrifice for their relatives.