Earth signs are giving form, builds and creates infrastructure. They are the producers and they carry out the events of the zodiac. They make ​​the dreams of themselves or their relatives to be real. From making drawings to calculating budget, throughout work program, workflow and finishing time of all phases of a job they do a good grasp and handling. They are responsible people, who devote themselves to the work they do. They owe a large part of their success to their practicality and good use of their resources. They are realistic and gripping capabilities are developed. They are extremely punctual and have good timing. They are also loyal, patient and stable. Because of having cautious, conservative personality they never make sudden decisions and make steps after careful thinking. In this way, they do not waste time, money and energy. They make long-term plans. They became very successful with the issues they want because of their extremely ambitious, determined and strong-willed nature. Taureans show the characteristics of earth group with what they have and the quest for security and safety. Taureans' sensitive and substance-addicted structure makes them very good museum directors. They are keen on collecting and conserving valuable things and valuable artworks. Virgo shows characteristics of earth group in the form of the self-indulging on health issues. Most doctors, biologists are from Virgo. Virgo is the manager of 6th house and manages health, daily tasks, service issues. In other words, Virgo puts up soil characteristics with research, regularity, punctuality and diligence. They work down to the finest detail, and flawless make-up. Virgo sign personalities can be great writers, administrators, librarians, accountants. They are flawless at disciplinary and attention seeking jobs. Capricorns, show their earth group properties in the state and with the position in the hierarchy of large businesses. Large firms and the state are aware of that big mess in the absence of the layout and discipline. Capricorns understand and respect the chain of command and hierarchy. Therefore, they eventually become authorized and reputable people in large organizations. Capricorns work department head or chief executives in large companies.