Fire signs are very lively and strong. They are extremely innovative, full of energy and desire. They can bring fresh air to whatever areas they interested because they love to play with new thoughts and ideas. They are leaders from the birth and they attract people with their strong charisma, whispers and bright personality. They are inspirating and effective with their high ideals, wide worldview, passions, and their motto - "I can do everything". They are driving vitality and life force, because they are extremely bold and aggressive. They became the center of interest with their strong ego. Addicted to their freedom and individualism they cannot endure pressure. Aries, being the fırst sign in Zodiac reflects all characteristics of Fire completely. It is the most enthusiastic sign. Stimulates new beginnings,  ideas and methods. Career and armed forces are the playground for Aries. Leo, shows fire sign properties in the intellectual and cultural fields. This is the sign of the famous artists, actors, writers and designers. Whatever the work is Leo has distinctive style, and wants their work to shine a bit. Sagittarius steers his power into international relations, education, research , travels, and academic work. They collect historical information, preserve and synthesize it and for this reason they tend to philosophy.