Metal (jin)

Shows fall season and harvesting time, signs of autumn. Metal is the destructive element of wood, the creator of the water. Those born with the Metal Element are tenacious and self-reliant. They like to enjoy themselves but care about and respect others. They are usually pretty reserved, but when pushed they can be very forceful and unyielding. Metal likes to live in an orderly fashion. They prefer a balanced environment and like things to be clean. Metal is confidant and determined. This can set them apart from all the others. When they know what they seek, they pursue it unflinchingly. Obstacles and setbacks do not bother them. They are natural problem solvers. They don't mind solitude; in fact while they want the acclaim for their accomplishments, they much prefer to be left on their own. They are virtuous, and their inner strength of character is well known. Metal creates their own success and sets out to attain it with a single purpose.Metal can be a bit impulsive. They have a liking for luxury and power that their gifts with money can provide. They can be unreasonable and stubborn sometimes. They may become rather set in their ways. They are demanding when in charge and expect all around them to meet their high expectations. Metal is the West. It is associated with the season of autumn. Metal's color is white. In the body, Metal is associated with the respiratory system and the lungs in particular.