Fire (huo)

Shows the rise and flowering period. This period is full of energy and fire. Fire is the destructive element of metal, and is considered to be the creator of earth. Those born with the Fire Element love adventure and excitement; they have dynamic personalities and can become excellent leaders. They are competitive and may become restless. Fire Elements tend to have a rather magnetic attraction. They don't like to be secluded away from others. They prefer to form strong bonds with their loved ones. Fire is confident and sure. They like to explore anything new. They are brilliant and warm. They are decisive and dramatic. They may be aggressive about achieving the things they want in life. They are gifted speakers. They are clever and want others to know it. They can be hypersensitive. It is best if they can learn patience and compassion. The Fire Element may become selfish and inconsiderate. They become impatient when they are thwarted in their ambitions. When they try to force their way, they hit more obstacles. The Fire Element is the South and represents the season of summer. Fire's obvious color is red. It is associated with the circulatory system and the heart. They should stay away from too much heat and too much emotion.