Wood (mu)

Shows the growth period. During this period life and greenery is abundant. Wood is the destructive element of the soil, and creative element of fire. Those born with the Wood Element are generous. They strictly adhere to their sense of ethical behavior. They like to explore. Their powers of persuasion are very strong. Wood people are often artists in whatever they do. They are diligent and committed to their work. They like to be busy and believe that hard work is good for you. They are very confident. They have a deep appreciation of what they have and do not lust after that which they cannot attain. They like to have many varied interests. They are loyal friends. They do not indulge in selfish behavior. They love working on a team. They are very compassionate with others. Wood tends to be a spendthrift. They may tend to take on more than they can handle and become overwhelmed. One thing they need to work on is learning their own limits. They may become overly dependent on others. Wood tends to be passive and inhibited. It is easy for them to lose themselves in the crowd. They should avoid areas with prevailing strong winds. The Element of Wood is the East. It is associated with the season of spring. Appropriately, it is the color green, and it is associated with the liver and gall bladder.