Earth (tu)

Shows the season between the periods of transition. The end of spring is a time of hydration, organizing and fruit bearing. Earth is the destructive element of the water, creative element of metal. Those born in the Earth Element are patient and reliable. This Element has a high sense of duty towards the people they are close to. They are ambitious, yet idealistic. They approach problems in a logical, methodical manner. They follow their intuition and have strong deductive talents. They are the moral compass by which they judge the world. They are very ethical and disciplined. They have the ability to use their resources wisely. Their conservative nature helps them most of the time. They make good planners or administrators. They are usually wise in all financial issues. They have a talent for keeping things in their proper perspective. Their steadiness and reliability impresses those around them. They are disciplined and tend to not show their emotions. They want to be important, yet they want to be loved. It would do them well to become a bit more adventurous in life. They are usually respected and admired. The Element of Earth may be considered stubborn or rigid. They may be controlling or only interested in their own abilities to gain. They may end up questioning their own instincts and distrusting their wisdom. They have a fear of the unknown that can be very strong. Earth is the Center. It is the changing of the seasons. Earth's color is yellow, and it is associated with the digestive system, especially the stomach and spleen. They would do well to stay away from wetlands and moisture.