Name analysis

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Your life passes through with solving the secret meaning behind the scenes of life, the soul, and the hidden meaning of the science. The goal of your life can be summed up as a service to others. You know that love can not belong to a single person, family or group. Being generous in every area of your life, you want to be perfect. In order to achieve these features you are studying religious or occult science. Being very sensitive to the people around you, you give a lot of value to them. Due to this feature, you show interest in the arts. Especially the music. You also have spiritiual understanding and very good sensitive abilities. Woe, however, the events beyond your abilities stresses you very much. You're keen for independence and freedom, life and do not want to bear the burden of moving the material wealth and property. You have no problems of agreement with other people. Therefore, you can be a good speaker.