Name analysis

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Having ability to express clearly everything, wisdom is of great importance in your life. You enjoy many different topics, but the you make good use of your time. You're fully aware that life is not fun. Your most important attribute is to be multi-faceted. Skills are many and varied. Quick and easy comprehension is one of them. You know very well how to reach the information momentarily. But your adoption and ability in scientific arena is not good. Because you don't want your time to be devoted to science as a true scientist. You are lovely and talking person. These peculiarities allows you to make friends easily. A lot of people love you, but there are some who would not understand you. The reason for this is that they don't dive into depths of your soul. Your optimism is contagious. But you fed up issues that enjoys you very quickly. When you fed up you start to look for new hobbies. You generally accept the events as they really are. It means that you never feel remorse. You choose to go your own way, every time. Because you have keen intelligence, you are not avoid of criticizing the others and their ideas mercilessly. Because of the ability to use words, you are able to be a good critic, writer, teacher, speaker or presenter. You are a person who can not live without love. Therefore, you can not be happy unless you find the one who really likes you, i.e. your true soulmate.