Name analysis

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You are leader, guide and planner. You really have a strong character. Your place is on board. You are so creative and skillful. You have fighting spirit for fullfilling your ideas. Promotion is the main part of your life. You are not afraid of studying for reaching the success which you desired. You can control everything immediately because have a ruling ability. You can rely on such an ability in every field of life. Tolerance, power and will are means of your passion. And you are able to use these means with a great ingenuity. Meanwhile you might show negative points of these features. In such cases you can be very aggressive. But the cleverest way of getting what you want, to settle problems without losing your kindness in relationships. Sometimes you are critic and commander, but you are losing your temper when you are critisized by someone. You have really got a sentimental heart. In such situations listen to your heart. In a short time you will both gain your leadership and friends back again.