Yearly horoscope for a year 2019...

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Dear Scorpio, you will have some romantic moments through 2019, but love won't be most important topic of your life in 2019. Love will be somewhat significant in first half of 2019. Mercury retrograd will affect you most together with another Water signs. Venus will bring more financial responsibility too. In 2019 you'll be involved in career problems rather than everything else. Your finances will be ok, but you need to work as hard as possible. It would be better for you: if you help those around you, it will be rewarded soon. You are not the kind of person who can just gloss over any kind of ending, any more than you can rush towards the new world in a hurry. You are an active person and you move a lot in 2019, that's why you will need to pay attention to eat protein rich foods in order to sustain your lifestyle.