Houses in Western Astrology and interpretations

Since old times humankind has looked at the sky with interest and excitement, to understand events happening there, has loaded meanings to stars, found similarities between star location and objects and heroes. The oldest sciences of the history of mankind were born so. Location of the stars systemized by their descendants and notes have been taken. With the development of the mathematics approximate dates of the solar and lunar eclipses were calcuated later.

Astrology made its peak in Babylon. Detailed star maps calculated and information have been investigated with attention. We are obliged the vast majority of our information today to people of Babylonia, Chaldea and to other ancient Middle East nations.

Star map (natal chart) is a circle which is divided into twelve equal parts in general. These parts are named as "Houses of Heaven". They reflect different areas of our life and different directions of our personality. When Planets make their usual ways in universe they pass through these houses. Some houses affects our job, whereas others influence our family, health and etc. Houses symbolize life, personal wealth, bloodline, children, health, marriage and lifetime, death condition and heritage, intelligence and personality, position, cooperation and successes, enemies and bad luck respectively. Planet positions at person's birth determines our zodiac sign, personality, intellectual traits and our other properties. You will be able to get more information by clicking each house.

8th House

This is the house of unified gains. It shows wealth from marriage and inheritance, lottery, mortgage, taxes, insurance benefits, material gains by means of other's money. The second house symbolizes money you earn whereas this house symbolizes the money you earn by the help of others. Your sexual strength and homelife is ruled by this house. Both fifth and eighth house governs your sex life. This house also refers to the results of your life at the same time. Rebirth, continuity, operations, spiritual events is surrounded by this house. It is ruled by hot, discreet Pluto and its zodiac sign Scorpio.