Dates - 24 October - 22 November
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Element - Water
Property - Fixed
Precious Stone - Opal
Celebrities - Martin Luther, Alfred Nobel, Pablo Picasso, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi, Katherine Hepburn,Dostoyevski, Trotchki, Albert Camus, Voltaire
The task of the Scorpio from the water group is to strengthen others' feelings and make them permanent. The aim of the Scorpio is to make someone else come to the decision, stick with that decision and progress. They are very good at relations between people, in sales, and in negotiations. They may be jealous and opportunistic because of their desire to control. A lot of people in Scorpio are good, very good but when they get worse they can be terrible types. You feel that a person born under the Scorpio sign is a great source of energy. It's almost impossible to change his mind. He is very stubborn with the features it gets from the fixed group. Again because of this feature, he is very much connected to his love. Scorpio can become fascinating because of their intense passion. A pale yellowish scorpion, naturally is also the symbol of this sign.
The eighth sign of the Zodiac is the Scorpions ruled by the planet Pluton, representing power, nuclear energy, underground, death and rebirth. Scorpions from the water group have a fixed quality. The eighth house in astrology concerns birth, death, rebirth and sex. The second planet of Scorpio is Mars, the planet of sexual energy, breakthrough and action. Perhaps for this reason, the themes such as death, ambition, depth, jealousy, power, sex, might are closely related to Scorpions. This is also the main source of Scorpio's legend on sex.

Intensive Energy

Scorpions are the most intense, vigorous, and powerful character of the Zodiac. Generally, Scorpions appear to be highly controlled and calm. Yet under this external metamorphosis, emotional energies flow with silent agitation. A volcano is booming right next to the calm sea on the surface. Nobody can notice this boiling volcano. But only the people with high perception can understand suppressed aggression, intense coercion, magnetic intensity, and the strange hypnotic personality concealed under this calm appearance. Scorpions appear to be proud, a little introverted, friendly and kind people who have fun in traditional social settings. However, they penetrate with penetrating gaze into their surroundings and people feel themselves naked, defenseless in front of Scorpios. Precaution is an integral part of Scorpios in everyday life. They really need to discipline themselves, because they are aware of their qualities that distinguish themselves from others. If their intense energy is abandoned, they will be scared. They know that their nature can be used both for good and for bad.

Scorpions have an incredible stamina and a great power of will with perseverance, endurance and strength. Despite all this power of will, they have intense sensitivity and their emotions easily move. They are hypersensitive. For them it is all or nothing. Their likes and dislikes are separated by certain lines. Because they know they can easily get hurt, they immediately notice the slightest injury and insult, whether it be malicious or not. And immediately after they notice it, they get wild. This savagery shows itself with destructive words. The response to their injuries will be an act of hostility that will not be forgotten throughout life. Because Scorpios do not settle after having critical attitude towards someone or something they hate. But usually it's not always that bad. Constructively restraining their intense energy, they cautiously lighten their self-confidence and direct their intentions to their loved ones.

They can't forgive

Only when they are in leadership position, they can relate to their comrades. They developed a terrible blindness against those who do not understand their character. With intentional cruelty they show all their hatred. They are very demanding, they do not forgive mistakes. Maybe it is because they are not aware of their own flaws. In fact, they express the hatred they feel, in the form of unreasonable resentment against their friends. However, Scorpios have very strong friendships. One of the negative aspects of Scorpios is that they should move away from their friends if they are no longer necessary. But a good-natured Scorpion is aware of this feature and tries to fight it. Scorpios are fortunate to balance their logical intelligence with imagination and intuition. Thanks to their natural perception, critical perception ability and analysis capacity, they often reach a perfection far above the average. Scorpios have capacities to access more intelligence than all the signs in the Zodiac.

Charismatic and vindictive

However, if this charismatic Scorpio goes astray, he may advance to the extreme ends of the evil and disgust. The harmful tendencies of the nature of scorpio are more than in other signs. They may have rebellious tendencies towards tradition. Political extremism, the hatred of the status quo, can make them ruthless terrorists. Excessive extremes such as witchcraft, aggressiveness and cruelty, arrogance, and morbid jealousy which awaits in ambush are the faulty parts of Scorpios. Another extreme is Scorpio's postponement. Despite large and dense capacities, both Scorpio men and women can be tempted to laze and tolerate this. Instead of taking action, they demand the support and praise of their close friends.

The interest in mystery

Scorpio is born with countless talents. For this reason, they achieve great success in many business fields. They are especially successful in the professions where coldness must be shown, as the intensity of the inside reflects the outside as an icy self-control and distance; fields like surgery, science, army. Every profession related to analysis, research, mystery solving is suitable for them. For this reason, they can be police, detective, agent, lawyer, psychiatrist, and in these areas there are mastership capacities in every sense of the word. Also very convincing preachers and very successful diplomats are Scorpions. They are interested in mystery, unknown, occult things; so they can move to many areas beyond the truth to experience different experiences.

Sexy Scorpio

Scorpio is the symbol of sex. Scorpions are passionate lovers, and the most energetic ones are scorpions among zodiac signs. Making love for Scorpions means making a sacred ceremony with their loved ones. According to Scorpios making love is to reflect the beauty of the inside and the spirit outward. In addition to this, they become more and more mystical, exceeding themselves, and become part of their partners and see the meaning of this union as the formation of a great "one." This merger is done to realize the marriage of souls as well as the skin. For this reason, sex is very important for Scorpio. They have the highest points of passion in them. But sometimes this passion can lead them to debauchery and heresy. Their sensual pleasures and erotism can lead them to be sadistic monsters. It is so intense in feelings; Even when love is best at the highest level and ideally; They may find themselves in a tragic, violent state and as an unfortunate lover.