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How are your chinese horoscope expectations in 2016 The Red Monkey year?

This year is called as The Year of Red Monkey because, it's element is fire.

Fire element

For those born in the Year of Rat 2016 the Red Monkey year will be a very good year for love. In order to find your Compatible soul mate, you may seek advice of your parents or friends. This will be favorable year for you, if you want to change your job, even if you feel exhausted sometimes. If you are looking for work then you must acquire new knowledge or skills and make research on topic before. Do not be alarmed when you face with business problems you will always find help. It is the right time to purchase a real estate in this year too. If you have an argument with someone you will have a high probability of winning any case. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for your health. Pay attention to your kidneys, abdominal pain, and have occasional breaks in order not to overwork.

For those born in the Year of Ox 2016 Red Monkey Year will be showtime. People will need your information and help to carry out their jobs. You will encounter many opportunities to show your talent. Even better new business opportunities may occur from nowhere. Money is somewhere out there, but you should use your prepared mind and work hard. Try not to miss the opportunity. Expanding your social circle will be good even if this year is not so efficient in terms of Love. You should take the time to have better love relationships. Make sure that there are no problems with your digestive system, especially with the stomach. More exercise will do you good this year. You may offend people because of carelessness. Try not to do this because although it may seem the first victory is on your side, situation will be reversed thereafter.

As the monkey is a trickster animal the people who was born in the Year of Tiger will need to be much more intelligent than monkeys in the year of 2016. You will encounter problems and competition in your career. If you were virtuous, your experience, your mind is able to overcome it and, you know how to get the support of your friends in difficult times. Changing your job does not seem appropriate this year too. You will not be able to handle the difficulties you encounter. Unfortunately, one can not say this year to be a bright year at love affairs. Be calm when problems with your lover is deepening and ask your friend or elder to be a mediator between you and your lover. Health issues will also be not very encouraging this year. You should pay attention to accidents, the liver and respiratory problems.

2016 Fire Monkey year promises popularity and charm for those born in the Year of Rabbit. In the year of Red monkey business people will find you and they will offer new jobs or positions. You will have excellent experience with your new boss or co-partner. If you get offered a new position at work, you must not miss this offer. Your reputation will allow you to create new revenue opportunities, you'll earn money and fame, but your main source of income will be your place of business as usual. If you are looking for love in 2016 you should act in the year of Red Monkey. If you are married or engaged, your love will deepen, but pay attention to extramarital affairs. Pay attention to your face or your head as accidents may left a scar. Nervous system, liver, arms and legs are also known to be problematic in this year.

For those born in the Year of Dragon 2016 will be a year marked by welfare, happiness and approval. Dragon does not seem to have any problems in terms of career, because he knows the business organization very well. You may want to ease the workload with the help of your employees or your partner, when you feel that the work is overburdening you. Changing your place of business will be profitable in the Year of Red Monkey. In the year of Fire Monkey you will be well on monetary affairs, you will also have unexpected income. Manage your investments and you will advance your reputation. The year of Fire Monkey is also suitable for love relationships. If you are married you will enjoy happiness and prosperity in your home, especially during the winter months. However in terms of health you should pay attention to your diet, you should use less or none alcohol or drugs, because it may lead to cardiovascular problems. Best of all is to guarantee your health with regular training.

People born in the Year of Snake should not miss the good chance situation in 2016. In terms of Career small problems expected. You may achieve the satisfactory results by working little more. Do not miss your chance of promotion, because it will be profitable both in terms of money and career. Your investment and income will increase in a decisive manner. If you are able to find a good counselor for you to control your financial situation you'll gain even more. Young snakes will find love, female snakes will have to exercise little more pressure on lovers in order to convert their relation into marriage. If you are a male or married snake, you will have very good relationship / marriage this year. You must settle resentment by yourself, and mustn't hurt your muscles by doing more exercise. Pay attention to arthritis, shoulder, arm and leg pain.

For those born in the Year of Horse 2016 Fire Monkey year after a number of challenges will be a year of progress. You will increase your workload and responsibilities, and your income with your effort you have shown in your work will increase. Your probability to find a job will be high. You must accept your new job. It is expected that you will increase your revenue in 2016 year of Monkey. If you're looking for love your luck will be quite high. If you are married then you should spend more time with your lover. Don't try to overload your body physically. There will be risk of accidents resulting with breaks and injuries. It is also a good idea to take quality air. It is recommended that you do not miss opportunities this year.

Those who was born in the Year of Goat (sheep) will be in the scene in the Red Monkey year of 2016, leaving to one side their laziness. You should not be more conservative in your career, virtue, should share your knowledge and skills with others. You will establish the throne in people's heart with your talent and experience, and you will have the best effect. But by waiting money will not come to the door, you should try focusing on tight and good human relations. If you pay attention to the personal thoughts and feelings of your love, you'll have a better relationship. You should not push the limits of your lover. Health issues can not be ignored. You should eat plenty of vegetables and watch your entire digestive system.

For those born under the same sign the Red Fire Monkey 2016 will be rewarding if and only if they became honest, fair and generous. There won't be change at your career status and promotion, and even if you change your business new competitive environment will emerge. That's why it is is recommended you to stay in your old workplace. Your moneymaking opportunities will be very small, because all of the people around you want to make money these days. It's time to make frugal investments because the return of lending money in the Monkey year is quite a long drive. You and your lover will have different opinions on love. If you are looking for love you will face with very strong opponents, but you'll have more luck with people who born in the year of mouse or rabbit or the Dragon. There won't be serious concerns about health, but pay attention to the injuries of arms, legs, and avoid dangerous adventure.

People born in the Year of Rooster will have worries behind happiness in the year of Red Monkey 2016. Career issues will exhibit changes and you will need to work harder. But as long as you fulfill carefully the orders of your seniors there won't be any problems. It's not a very lucky year for Money. If you make some risky or incorrect investments your money easily will get out of your hand. In matters relating to love, you will feel much pressure. Your lover or your spouse will have the final say and people will try to plan your activities and business. Even you may confront with some people who are against your idea. You must be careful what you say to be safe and comfortable in your life.

For those born in the Year of Dog 2016 Red Fire Monkey Year is generally well. Everything will be stable at career. If you have a strict work regime, you must pass some of your payload to your younger colleagues or to your friends if they are available at the moment. If you want to change your job you should do so. Money is coming from opportunities. There are benefits, so do not miss your chance. If you can be a little more romantic in the year of a monkey, you may find your ideal match. Overall in this year, peace should conclude a resentment, otherwise you may lose the case if you become stubborn. You should spend some time outside in the year 2016 Red Monkey, but beware the risk of having an accident, you should always be careful when doing sports. Your work will be rewarded this year.

For those born in the Year of Pig good chance will be with you in the year of 2016 Fire Monkey. You'll do well and you'll have plenty of energy to move. Your career will be good in general, it will facilitate your work, education and you will see the help of others. However, you should be vigilant, because even minor lapses can ruin your progress in your job and your career and reputation. Do not be fooled into new job offer. Money will not be the problem, if you able to stay in the shade and show humility, alas you will never make money if you're arrogant and presumptuous. If you are looking for love in the Year of Red Monkey, you'll see that people are interested in you like never before and your affairs will be through more socializing. If you are in love, then take more time spending with her/him. Do not boost resentment and try to reach an agreement. In terms of health, pay attention to diabetes, bladder pain and migraine.