Crocodile (Imix)

Personality - Energic, creator and beginner. Protector and dominant like parents. Sensitive and private.

Qualities - Energic Practical Creator Primitive Passion Dominant Nutritive Instinctive Sensitive Private Maternity Primordial Waters

Crocodile is the beginning of the 20-day period, the first Mayan zodiac sign. At any stage of consciousness, individual or ego consciousness is still weak. And this ego or id, yet fully emerged in the deep waters of the collective mind, is affected by the spirit of the time. In this way, those born on the day of crocodile, can reflect all values that was in the spirit ​​of their society. Crocodile represents underlying primitive energy for everything.Therefore, the people's interests in dreams, magic and mystery are stronger than their ego or feelings of self-esteem who was born on the day of crocodile. Being conscious about the collective human consciousness makes them very successful in the field of visual arts. Those born on the day of crocodile while being successful to initiate something, have difficulty to continue and complete the theme. At this point, they need the support of other people. Crocodile receives messages from primitive creation force. Is the beginning of everything with it's simple meaning. Crocodile is protective and dominant, just as a mother protects her children. Those born under this symbol are generally positive and hardworking. There is no pattern of primitive messages, so the people of Crocodile in order to achieve fruitful results must orient their energy into practical and collective efforts. Crocodile people have strong primitive feelings and needs secrecy in order to balance their sensitive nature as the beast their sign represents. Balance is critical for Crocodile people on behalf of the living in harmony with their peers. Crocodiles who follow their heart appear to be a genius.